Why choose Rrt Automotive Solutions Inc?

We distribute Paints, Materials and Tools for the Automotive Industry. We supply many brands including  Roberlo, Apollo, Finixa, Enkay and 3M.

We install paint mixing systems onsite and provide technical training and backup. We can also supply mixed paints for a wide range of applications. These include Car, Commercial Vehicle and Industrial.

We can also provide credit accounts for return customers. If you are interested in one of these please send us an enquiry.

Please also feel free to send us an enquiry if there is a product you are interested in.

Not all of our products are on the website. If you have any specific product interests, please feel free to send us an enquiry for these also.

At Rrt Automotive Solutions Inc, we realize how important your car is to you each day. So, when you have to get it serviced, it does inconvenience you. So, we’ve added some features to our business that tries to make your auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you.